Adding A Game Server

1. Before a server can be included in the Global Player Rankings, it must be running FLstat. The find out more about it, and to download the latest version, visit the FLstat Homepage.
The latest version is v1.5, released 10th May, 2004.
2. Once FLstat is running on the server, and the stats are published on the Web (see Tips below), send the following information in an email to
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  • Server Name
  • IP Address
  • MODs Installed
  • Server Homepage
  • URL of stats page
3. The server will appear in the list once is has been validated.
Important: If any of the details of the server change, please keep this site up to date by emailing any changes to the address above. This includes change of Name, IP address and MOD, or if the server goes offline.

Tips and Tricks

Publishing Stats on the Web

The "flstat.html" file can be automatically uploaded to a web server every time it is updated, using NCFTP as described here, or with TinyUploaderSE.

Alternatively, you can install a very simple web server, such as TinyWeb or SimpleServer:WWW, and serve the web page direct from your game server.

Compressing Web Pages

Web servers can be configured to compress web pages on the fly, using the Apache module mod_gzip (or mod_deflate).

If you're using an ISP webspace and can't configure the webserver, then try out the Perl CGI script gzip_cnc. This web site uses this program, and it is very effective at reducing the sizes of web pages.

Multiplayer statistics are from online game servers running Freelancer.
Data gathered from FLstat web pages - See how to Add A Server.