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Learn how to maximise your computer's performance, get the most out of the games you play, and take better pictures. Each week there will be new articles posted here that will provide tips and advice for gamers, computer users and photographers.

Personal Computers
How To Find A Good Cheap Laptop in Personal Computers

So you want a laptop but you don't have thousands of dollars to spend? Don't worry - there are plenty of ways to find a cheap laptop if you know where to look. Fortunately, laptop prices have actually come down quite a bit in recent years, so they aren't as expensive as they used to be. It's pretty easy to find laptop deals, especially if you wait for sales to pop up. Cheap laptops are only worth the low price if they come with the features and specs you need in a computer. That means you should look for a high quality laptop at a reasonable price. Purchasing a laptop with the lowest price tag doesn't necessarily mean you're getting a good deal. If it doesn't perform well, it's not worth the money...

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Xbox 360
Xbox Customization - Spice Up Your Xbox With Accessories in Xbox 360

If you are an Xbox owner and love playing your games then you probably know that customizing your Xbox can be a fun activity. Not only is it fun but also it makes your Xbox stand out more, giving you more satisfaction from the overall look of your gaming console. The Xbox and Xbox 360 gaming consoles are becoming increasingly popular among the Online gaming communities around the globes. People from all over and of all ages are turning towards online gaming as a source of entertainment for themselves. People have even gone as far as creating a Major League gaming community that hosts tournaments and gives payouts to winners and runner-ups. With all that said, you can probably see that people do take a lot of pride in their gaming consoles...

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Digital Photography
How To Get The Best Results When Printing Your Own Digtal Photographs in Digital Photography

The joy of using a digital camera and then having the ability to print out photos in the comfort of your own home is a great, empowering feeling. Usually, when you own a computer, the printer is a common accessory attached to it. This is all you need to be on your way to producing the images from your digital camera. When you are interested in printing out your own photos, you should take into consideration some of the techniques you can use to achieve the best results. All printer companies produce their own line of ink and paper for their consumers to use. With most of the printing projects you deal with, any type of paper or ink is sufficient, but with photo printing, a different type of paper is required...

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Computer Games
Eve Online: An Interstellar MMORPG Tour De Force in Computer Games

Sword and sorcery, magic and mayhem... these are the common faces of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG). They're usually set in some high fantasy world which can only be described as Tolkienesque... with knights and mages and kings and queens and elves and dwarves and a gamut of other races. But sometimes, an MMORPG arrives at the scene offering something new, something excitingly different. Enter EVE Online, an MMORPG set in the deep recesses of space, inviting you for an adventure that would literally span the stars, in the game world at least. The background story is very enticing. It tells of a future Earth where the citizens had to explore space because the planet was slowly deteriorating...

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Digital Cameras
Basic Understanding of your Digital Camera Flash in Digital Cameras

Many of us do not think twice about the usage of our digital camera's flash assuming that the camera will use the flash automatically as needed. Flash however can and should be manually set in many scenarios resulting in high quality digital photos. The most common usage of flash photography is when there is not enough ambient light for example when taking an indoor digital photo in a dark room. There are many other ways in which you can use your digital camera's flash to get high quality digital photos. One such usage is fill-in flash. Before setting your flash to manual mode and making more efficient usage of it you should know a bit more of the technology and history behind flash photography...

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Personal Computers
Notebook or Desktop Computer - Which Should You Choose? in Personal Computers

On TV and in the movies, we see a lot of portable computers being used in homes and offices. Does that mean that's the trend? Is that what you should get? Portable computers cost more, so unless you really have the need for one, you get a lot more computer for your money with a regular desktop PC. The main thing is portability. If you need a portable computer, get a laptop. ("Laptop," "portable," and "notebook" all refer to the same thing, by the way). Otherwise, a desktop computer is a better buy, and better ergonomically. The Price Difference You might wonder why laptops cost more than desktop computers with comparable features and power...

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