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Are you looking to buy a computer in the near future? Why are you looking for a new computer, did it break or do you just want a computer with more memory than your old computer? If your computer is just not working properly it could have been caused by the many viruses that can sometimes get in our computers and make them run slow or not work at all. If you are just looking for more memory or a faster processor I will have a tip for you later in this article.

Do You even need a new computer? If your computer is just running slow it could be a virus that could easily be fixed. There is a web site called Geeks To Go that will find the virus and tell you exactly how to get rid of it, they won't charge anything for their service, but a donation would be nice. They are usually very busy so it could take a few days before they can check your computer out, but no need to spend money for a new computer if you don't need one, right.

Here is my tip for those of you that just want a faster computer. Don't go out and buy the super computer that is going to cost a fortune, well if you are rich I guess it's ok. If you are not rich chances are the cheapest computer on the market will be faster than your old computer, so why not get a less expensive computer. In two years you will need another one because they will probably be twice as fast as the most expensive computer today.

So What kind of computer should you get? If you are a pro and you use your computer for some specific project like graphics or photography you may need certain features and being a pro you probably already know what you need. For the average computer user I would recommend what I use. I have had my computer for 3 years now and it is still working as well now as it did when I bought it, and my computer runs almost 16 hours a day every day. My computer is fast enough to do anything I need it to do, of course I do have DSL, I wouldn't even have a computer without DSL or some other type of high speed internet connection.

I won't mention the brand of computer I have, but it was one of the cheapest I could find. It has a 2.70 GHz processor, it has 80 GB of hard drive and 256 MB of DDR. I have a 15 inch flat screen monitor, and a printer, it also has 6 USB ports, but I have never had to use more than one of them. I don't remember exactly what I paid for all that, but I am sure it was under $600.00 so I hope this will help you in your next computer purchase.

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