Considerations when buying a Gaming Laptop

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Have your wallet wide open. Gaming laptops can be expensive. Dell purchased the famed game laptop computer vendor Alienware in March 2006.

The first thing you should do is check out the Minimum Systems Requirements for your favorite games. Once you have done that you should have an idea what hardware and computing power will be required.

A major component in a gaming laptop is a quality video chip. The video chip needs at least 128MB of RAM and the CPU must have a robust processing speed (the faster the better). It would also be nice if it was in a socket, so it could eventually be removed and upgraded. Speaking of the CPU get the fastest and latest chip available.

The amount of system RAM the notebook has is critical. A decent gaming notebook needs at least 1GB of RAM or more if possible. I recently upgraded our desktop at home for a game my son likes that required 2GB of RAM.

If your laptop will be moving around then battery power might be important. A decent video card, fast CPU and lots of RAM will burn the juice. You should even consider a second battery or a unit that accommodates a second battery in one of the bays.

So, check out the latest Dell and also some of the custom gaming laptop vendors and be prepared to spend $2000 plus to wile away the hours on your gaming beauty.

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