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Xbox 360

Xbox 360 now gives its fans the opportunity to communicate with each other live using the extra feature Xbox Live. Become an Xbox Live Member! In the Xbox 360 package is included that Xbox Live members have the ability to chat with each other via the Xbox 360 Headset. You can discuss any topics with your friends and family, using Xbox. Whether you are planning a game strategy with your team, or just chatting with a friend of yours, Xbox lets you chat for free. You can interact also with thousands of other Xbox players. All Xbox Live members are included in the chat list. You can shop in Xbox LiveMarketplace. You can download additional game contents. You can watch preview videos. And many more!

If you decide to become one of us, Xbox Live gives you the opportunity to choose what kind of membership you like to get.

1) Xbox Live Silver is available to anyone with an Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 Core System Console. You also need your hard drive or memory unit, and a broadband connection to become part of it all. Messages and downloads are only two extra features provided by Xbox Live Silver.

2) Another possible membership is Xbox Live Gold, which gives you the chance to play multiplayer games online. It costs the same as your original Xbox Live subscription.

Apart from the incredible Xbox Live features mentioned above, Xbox 360 uses a new system for saving games and can give you player information unlike any other console before.

With Xbox 360 you can create a unique profile of every gamer, both of guests or family. You can create the display of the console in the colours you have chosen. Each player can have a different name and specific genre characteristics, also different dashboard theme and customized settings. You can also store your Xbox Live account information and know all the features of a particular player you selected.

The other great thing about Xbox Live , is memory. Game saves, although separate from profiles, have some things in common. After you create your specific profile, Xbox 360 saves all the games you have played and also the game levels you reached. When you sign into your personal account, you may re-play the level and improve your scores. Everything is in store for you, and no information is ever lost. The Hard Drive, or Memory Unit, has a great space potential. For more information click Xbox 360 Live

As you may have already noticed, Xbox 360 is the miracle of all games. It offers great gaming experience. By becoming a member to Xbox Live, you have the unique opportunity to share your experience with other gamers, and to get to know theirs. Through sharing information, you will improve your gaming experience and acquire the full potential of Xbox 360 sooner.

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