Advice and Information on Digital Cameras

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Digital Cameras

Weekly published advice and information on the advantages of digital cameras, how to find the best camera and tips on how to improve your pictures.

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How To Find The Best Digital Camera

It seems that every month, if not every week, different manufacturers are coming up with the latest digital cameras to entice potential clients. And it's just not working for us! After spending sizeable amount of time at the mall figuring out which is the best digital camera for us...

Taking Better Digital Photos With Auto Settings Part 1: Autoexposure

Using the auto mode on a digital camera gives you a point and shoot camera that allows you to concentrate on the subject while the camera makes the necessary settings to give you a well exposed and properly focused image. But like most automatic features...

Following a Digital Photography Guide and Learning Your New Camera

Once you obtain your new-fangled digital camera, a reasonable chance is you're not fairly sure how to use it. For this reason a digital photography guide can coming in practical when you're learning about your new-fangled toy. If you want a digital photography guide...

Digital Camera Modes - Shutter Aperture Priority And More

Digital cameras can be put in different photo shooting modes. The most used mode is automatic - the only thing you need to do is point and shoot. However understanding and using the other options will allow you to get better photos in certain scenarios. Here is how...

Basic Digital Photography: Taking Night Time Images

From sparkling city skylines to moonlit rural landscapes, night time scenes can be enchanting. Although digital cameras are capable of capturing more color within a night scene than the human eye is capable of registering...

Shooting Photos In Aperture Priority Mode

Digital cameras support many photo shooting modes - from automatic point and shoot to manual where the camera does nothing for you. One of those modes is Aperture Priority. Aperture priority is useful in many situations and deserves a short explanation of what it is and how to use it...

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