Is It Time To Buy A New Computer?

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With the Internet and computer technology developing every single day, you might want to give your old computer a long break it badly needs. Computer has gone a long way from being just a mere typing machine.

If you want to know whether you need to box-up your old computer or buy a new one, here's a quick checklist:

Operating system

Run only in Windows 95/98 (or older operating systems!) Old operating systems won't allow you to add on scanners, printers, or dig cams. It also won't allow you to run newer programs.

Updated RAM

If your computer takes forever to load up, chances you need to add more RAM. Some old RAM chips might not be available in the market anymore and they don't come cheap too.

Small hard disk space

Isn't it frustrating when you come to the point that you have to delete older files to make space for your new ones? This clearly states that you badly need a new hard disk. The market now offers as much as 500 GB for personal computers.

Software doesn't run

If new software doesn't work on your computer, then it is no longer compatible with new programs in the market, and you absolutely need to change your system.

Slow processors

If you are doing some graphic works on your computer, then it suddenly bogs down, then you are in trouble. Older computers don't even come close to opening website with large graphics.

If you find yourself in the above situation, then it's high-time that you buy a new computer. Below are some quick tips that can do you a lot of help:

Tips in Buying Computers

The first thing you need to ask when buying a computer is "what would it be used for?" If you just need to type up writing assignments or do some office works, then a computer with a decent word processing program would go. If you were using the Internet often, then you would need a computer with 128 MB of memory and at least Pentium-2 processor.

If you do some graphics, edit pictures or create videos, aside from higher RAM and larger space, you need a good video card to view your work as actual as it can be. Also check the compatibility of other devices like scanners and printers to your computer.

If you are decided to buy a new computer, then allot at least $500 of your budget. If you want a high-end computer then it definitely costs a lot more than that. Don't think that you get the best deals when you buy a computer on a cheap price. Always go for quality, it's a total headache if your computer acts up in the middle of your work.

When buying a new computer, think properly what you need before heading to a computer shop. It is also a good thing to have a chit-chat with a computer salesperson. Ask them all the things you want to know. With enough patience, the right computer for you is just one decision away. For more info you may want to visit

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