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Personal Computers

Learn how to maximise your computer's performance, and get the most out of the applications you use. Each week there will be new guides posted here that will provide tips and advice.

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Computer Security - Startling Facts

Working on the Internet provides Internet marketers with the opportunity to make a living in the comfort of their own home. Computer Security includes threats such as viruses, identity theft, spyware, adware to name but a few...

High Speed Internet Is A Must-Have For Gamers

Anyone who has ever played online games knows High Speed Internet (HSI) is almost a must-have purchase. The reasons for this are many, but the proof is in the playing. When it comes to accuracy, speed and ease of use, it just can't be beat. Whether it's a T-1 line, cable or even DSL...

How Can You Make Your Computer Faster?

These days many of us use our computers a lot and they seem to be running slower than it did even last week. What is up? Heres some ways to get back that speed and even improve on it a little and what's really cool is they're easy to do and don't cost anything ...

Toshiba Laptop Computers

For nearly three decades, Toshiba, a Japanese company, has been ranked as one of the top computer manufacturers in the world. Although it has been involved in many aspects of manufacturing and industry since its creation in 1939 by the merger of two smaller firms...

Considerations when buying a Gaming Laptop

Have your wallet wide open. Gaming laptops can be expensive. Dell purchased the famed game laptop computer vendor Alienware in March 2006. The first thing you should do is check out the Minimum Systems Requirements for your favorite games...

Your Complete Guide To Laptop Security

Laptops are commonplace today as they provide the users with an easy environment to work in. The features of mobility, technology and the capability of storing large information make these machines a must have ins...

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