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Personal Computers

Learn how to maximise your computer's performance, and get the most out of the applications you use. Each week there will be new guides posted here that will provide tips and advice.

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Computer Hardware: The Five Most Popular Computer Upgrades

Everyone with a computer is looking to have the fastest, and most efficient computer filled with the latest computer hardwaretechnology. But to keep up with the continual changes as technology becomes more and more advanced requires complete upgrades on your computer. But...

Computer Diagnostic Tools To Protect Your Computer

At its most basic form, a computer diagnostic tool outputs a message indicating an error with a computer program, system or device. Error reporting in Windows is a built in computer diagnostic tool that runs automatically whenever there is a problem with an application...

How To Personalize Your Computer To Fit Your Own Needs

A brand new computer needs to be personalized with whatever hardware and software you are going to need, whether for business, entertainment or both. Most computers come with a CPU unit, keyboard, screen, mouse and speakers, which is a very basic configuration...

Why Choose a Core 2 Duo For Your CPU In Your New High End Computer?

It must have been difficult for Intel to watch AMD's Athlon 64 and then the Athlon 64 X2 and FX pretty much take over the performance PC market, putting the once-untouchable chip giant into a position where its only competitive response was to cut prices. Those were dark days indeed. But now...

Laptop or Desktop - Which Computer To Choose?

Traditionally, laptop computers were bought by people who had to be able to take their computer with them when they left the office, such as the salesman visiting a customer. It always used to be the case that buying portability meant a trade-off in terms of power and functionality...

Computer Help: Make Your Computer Run Faster!

What the heck is Spyware? Spyware is a generic term for programs that install themselves on your computer without telling you that they are there. They run in the background tracking where you go online and sending the information off to the company that built the program...

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