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For users of the windows operating system, it is important for you, the consumer, to have the necessary knowledge to speed up computer processing speeds of your pricey IBM or Dell computers. Tired of all that difficulties in supporting multiple memory-hungry applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Dreamweaver? Or are you sick of your Pentium Core 2 Duo computer running at the speeds of a 486 desktop? If you are facing any of the abovementioned problems, read on to learn more about techniques to speed up computer processing speeds. You will soon be able to do more with your computer and achieve greater productivity in any computer-related task you do.

Hardware and software considerations play an important role in speeding up your computer.

In terms of hardware, it would be highly recommended for computer users to purchase additional memory modules for their computer. RAM or random access memory is a computer hardware that provides a computer with the ability to support complex and comprehensive applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Failure to install sufficient RAM for your computer will result in it not being able to be utilized to the fullest potential as you would find it difficult to support the running of multiple applications to satisfy your work requirements. Computer applications all require a certain amount of memory space to function smoothly. This includes your computer's operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. RAM is cheap and relatively easy to install, requiring a mere set up time of about 10 to 15 minutes. If your computer is still under warranty, you should bring it back to where you purchased it from and request the vendor to provide you with a RAM upgrade at a fee. Otherwise, you can purchase a memory module and install the RAM yourself. Information pertaining to memory upgrades can often be found relatively easily over the internet. Ideally, I would suggest 1gb of RAM if you are running Windows XP and 2gb if you are running Windows Vista. In any case, the returns are instant and you would enjoy a noticeable increase in computer processing speeds.

Software wise, it would be a good idea to clean up your computer registry using a registry cleaner. Preference and setting files are stored by Windows for all software and hardware installed into a computer. When a software or hardware is uninstalled, these preference and setting files are not removed. Over time, these would cause a build up, slowing down your computer. High quality registry repair software scans your computer registry for such files. These are then listed and can be deleted easily. The end result would be appreciably faster processing speeds for your computer.

In addition, it would also be a good idea to invest in a good anti-virus and spyware remover program. It is common to find viruses and spywares embedded into websites these days. These have the purpose to track your surfing activities and run in the background without you knowing, slowing the speed of your computer. Good anti-virus or spyware remover program weeds out viruses and spywares, allowing your computer to function at a much faster speed. Subsequently, it blocks out any future invasions of such malicious software into your computer system.

The key to computer maintenance lies in diligence and discipline. Never rush to junk your computer for a new one just because it starts to run slowly. Often, the root of the problem can be easily solved through a combination of methods. Collectively, these allow you to speed up computer processing speeds, restoring that old, trusty IBM of yours back to its former glory.

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