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For nearly three decades, Toshiba, a Japanese company, has been ranked as one of the top computer manufacturers in the world. Although it has been involved in many aspects of manufacturing and industry since its creation in 1939 by the merger of two smaller firms, it is best known now for its computers and audio/video equipment.

Toshiba got its industry lead when it became the number two manufacturer of semi-conductor chips, and it is still in the top five today. That experience has seemingly given them an uncanny understanding of the market. Before other laptop manufacturers develop their prototypes, Toshiba is found introducing yet another breakthrough in technology, and very often, these new technologies find their way into their products.

But for many years, Toshiba has meant one thing and one thing only: the maker of some of the most sought after laptops and notebooks available. Toshiba has consistently pushed the edge of portability by manufacturing lighter weight and more powerful laptops than its nearest competitors. Unlike many of today's laptop computer manufacturer's, Toshiba uses much of its own semi-conductor technology in its computers - thus, giving them a serious competitive advantage.

The Toshiba Satellite series has been sold for over a decade and remains one of the most stellar lines in the laptop marketplace. It was the Satellite that was rumored to be responsible for IBM's now-popular ThinkPad series. Today, the Satellite series of notebooks offers an affordable entry price with a host of options for demanding consumers. Reliable, lightweight notebooks aren't particularly rare, but when they are accompanied by speed and affordability, they are powerful examples of what a company like Toshiba can accomplish with its engineering prowess.

Toshiba's slightly newer line of notebooks, the Tecra, offers raw power, amazingly lightweight machines, small footprints, and a near cult-like status in the business world. It isn't unusual for people to refer to it as "my Tecra" and assume that those in the know are aware of what they mean. Outside of IBM's ThinkPad and Apple's new MacBook laptops, Toshiba's Tecra's are the desire of every power-hungry computer user who needs a quality laptop.

Toshiba also began recently offering a multimedia model, geared toward high-school and college students, called Qosmio. Although the pricing of the Qosmio series is high, it is fully equipped with the latest graphics technology, and includes built-in television tuning, harmon/kardon speakers, and stunning display technology. They make perfect gaming computers, as well as a solid platform for audio and video editing.

Unlike many other notebook manufacturers, Toshiba has never really experienced a significant downturn in their market. Some credit their Japanese ingenuity, while some point to their wise decision to stay away from the more volatile desktop market. Regardless of the reason, a purchase of a new or used Toshiba computer is a sound decision. The company has always been on the forefront of technology in many fields, and every owner of their products can be assured that they will be there for them in the future.

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