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If you have played the real game of table tennis, and know how to hit a shot across, the virtual counterpart to this game would definitely interest you when you are feeling weak and cannot play the real game.

Coming from the authors of The Warriors and Grand Theft, this title from Rockstar Games is a realistic simulation of table tennis, where the player gets to maneuver the paddle and play various shots.

The speed of the ball can go up to 100 miles per hour, and there is a real spin imparted to it as well. Play ping pong, or a smashing game of table tennis, the virtual game can make your idle hours come alive.

The main aspect of any realistic game simulation is how well it simulates the real game. There should not be any noticeable time lags, and the user interface should be as convenient as possible. That is what hooks the player and makes him want to play one game after another.

See the ball spin, float, curve, and shoot through the on-screen table and choose from a range of international athletes.

Attention to detail is another factor to look out for. The look and feel of the game makes it look like playing a real game of tennis over the monitor. The details may include player movements, facial expressions, and how clothes move with action.

To add to the action are added features such as background music, changes in lighting, etc. These changes are brought into action as the game progresses in intensity.

The realistic game simulation industry spans a whole gamut of games, the popular ones being baseball, snooker, soccer, etc. The game of table tennis, though less popular, is now playable on the computer with added touches and details. Though the game may not increase your real playing skills, it is fun to play the game without having to bother about techniques.

The game is available on the Xbox.

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